For World-Renowned Japanese Cuisine.

Kyubei Japan Provides A Range Of Professional Cooking Implements.

Ever wondered why Japanese people are devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment? Japanese foods are known for their seasonal ingredients, which are exquisitely prepared by skilled chefs to maximise flavour and allow the customer to enjoy their food with their eyes as well as their taste buds. We warmly welcome you to KYUBEI japan!

We are KYUBEI Japan and we provide high-quality Japanese knives in Singapore, with exceptional edges which are prized by chefs all around the world. We offer wide ranges of high quality traditional Japanese Chef’s knives directly from Japan. Our sets of quality Japanese dinnerware in Singapore are great for your kitchen jobs. We also provide kitchenware that enables chefs to directly express their vision, and tableware in a variety of colours to present delicate dishes to maximum effect. Offering the best variety, value and service for shoppers of Japanese products as they have always been at the heart of our business.

We are proud to offer a huge variety of new items every week coming straight from Japan so you can always have access with items that you love. We are deeply passionate about Japanese cuisines and have come up with several Japanese professional cooking recipes for you to try, which can be found in our social media. Together, KYUBEI Japan has great plans in stock for the future.

At this period when there is a growing interest in Japanese food and culture, we are experienced, trusted, well knowledgeable and passionate about what we do. We are here to accommodate to your demands in regards to Japanese cutlery. All of your questions relating to knives or made-to-order knives are warmly welcomed. You can simply send your inquiries to our email at Thanks for your kind patronage and we look forward to serving you.